Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Archeology and abseiling at Barrm Birrm

Here's an unusual sighting we will clean-up next Saturday, on Clean-Up Australia Day, when RCL and friends make their way up the first track to the right on the dirt part of Gap Road (opposite the new house). Here's a photo from last week, but the discarded possessions have been there over a year now.

There are a substantial number of archeology text books and reports, and a few LP records, now buckling in the heat. Into "Clean-Up Australia" bags they will go.

The possible abseiling relates to another dump of rubbish, in a deep gully upstream from the area known as the Golden Triangle (for its rich flora display in Spring). We really do need an abseiler to get down a very steep slope to help us get out bags of rubbish thrown down the gully, so if you know someone with that skill, and those ropes, invite them along.

Landcare's persistence is paying off - each year sees much less rubbish to clear up. People see a piece of clear bush, and don't want to mess it up with rubbish.

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