Sunday, 11 May 2014

Scats and Skulls

Tanya Loos came to Riddells Neighbourhood House Monday 5 May, and introduced us to her collection of skulls and other parts of animal, and scats, gathered in walks near her home at the edge of the Wombat Forest.  
Tanya has kept her eyes and ears open, and discovered the animal life and seasons of the place where she lives, and she shared with us some of those discoveries.
Tanya Loos on the right, 
Christina Cheers on the left.
 Some highlights for Gill Best were:
Holding the elegant skull of a baby platypus 
Learning about the special ingredients needed to attract brush tail phascogales
Discovering why wombats have cubed poo
Elena Best was very impressed with a pellet from a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, the skin of a hare neatly rolled up for regurgitation.
My standout was the jaw of a phasgogale, with very sharp teeth. 
Thanks to Tanya for an insight into our native fauna, and into how much can be learned by keep your eyes open as you walk.

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