Saturday, 23 August 2014

What Riddells Creek Landcare achieved last year/Options for this year

Here is my address as President to our recent AGM (the Minutes here, the Ppt here).  The Powerpoint has a visual reflection on three goals of our group, then what we achieved last year and some of the options for the coming year. Have a look! If anything catches your fancy, keep an eye out here for news on what we're doing on these possibilities.

Our first committee meeting of the new year is 26th August, and after that I'll post some of what we decided to concentrate on for the rest of this year.

We had a marvellous discussion of what envionmental philosophers (two in particular) have to bring to the question of what appreciating nature means, and how we might go about appreciating nature.  Here are the slides from that conversation. Thanks to Georgina Butterfield for being with us and stirring us up (gently) about some of our assumptions. 

Philosophy has the awkward job of raising questions about what we take for granted, to upset our assumptions and bring keener inquiry to important matters. If you are looking for the references to follow up our discussion, you will find them under a new project Environmental Philosophy.

In the same place, I'll post some of the pieces that you are a little harder to get on the web.

With Spring advancing in its slow waltz (here one day, gone the next), it's a wonderful time to be in the garden, or finishing off those planting jobs that you've been meaning to get done this winter.  I'm off to see how Steve my neighbour is going down at the old tip site next door to my place here at Riddells Creek Winery.

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